The launch, a unique moment

After more than 2 years spent designing, assembling, drilling, setting up … appearing inch by inch the hull, the deck, the wheelhouse, the cabins … this is finally the long-awaited moment: The launching.

Unlike an industrial shipyard, here the launch is not mechanized. In the purest artisan tradition of Phinisis, this colossus of about 100 tons will go more than 200 meters from the beach to the sea without any mechanical assistance.

It is truly an incredible sight to see that combines ingenuity, strength and skill. This operation will take a total of 3 weeks.

It starts with a very formal ceremony where a goat is sacrificed. All the carpenters who worked on the construction of the Jakaré are present with their families as well as religious dignitaries. Everyone celebrates this final stage with joy which marks the end of construction on the shipyard. For the occasion a variety of dishes are prepared and shared in a spirit of unique conviviality, that only exceptional projects like this can bring about!

After the ceremony and on the date decided by the experts, the operation finally starts. The boat is equipped with a leg to relieve the keel on which the entire weight of the boat rests. Then the Jakaré is pulled and pushed into the water, centimeter by centimeter by a team of approximately 40 people.

Once in the water, we must wait for the highest tides to advance the ship a few meters each time.

Finally, what an amazing feeling, after several days of sheer effort, to feel the Jakaré float… But we are not yet able to set out full sail, because first we must install the masts and the wing. Headed to Tanah Beru harbor where the boat will be finished. We could have enjoyed at least a few moments of the open sea… but it will come!

See you soon, for new adventures.

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