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We are proud to announce a Partnership with YOSHUA SURJO and its Freediving Academy OUSIA.

Our new Freediving & Discovery cruises

We propose complete freediving cruises with on board a Professional Instructor Yoshua Surjo, combining depth sessions, yoga and exploration freediving along the pristine islands of Indonesia, our destinations include:

  • Komodo National Park.
  • Togean Archipelago.
  • Wakatobi
  • other destination on demand.

Daily schedule filled with celebrating the sunrise with yoga, depth training/coaching session in the morning, lunch and fresh fruits/juice to recharge in between before exploring the abundant marine life around the islands.

Yoshua Surjo

  • Founder of Ousia Freediving Academy
  • Level: Instructor Trainer
  • Associations: AIDA International; PADI International; Apnea International

Nearly born in the boat during a fishing trip, his attachment to the ocean is undeniable from the beginning. He spent most of his childhood holidays playing in the ocean, either fishing, swimming or snorkeling.
He loves teaching as much as he loves freediving. His love for teaching comes from his professional background as a marketing consultant for more than 13 years.
Taught over 500 freedivers from all over the world, he is the most experienced Indonesian freediving instructor.

OUSIA Freediving Academy

“OUSIA is a small but specialized Freediving school based in Pemuteran, North-west of Bali. We are passionate about freediving as much as we are passionate about teaching,

we are constantly learning and improving to provide better teaching method to be able to guide our students to become better, safer freedivers.
Our training focuses on the fundamentals and understanding of freediving. Depth is useful and important as a performance requirement in a course, but it is not about the numbers, it’s about how you reach it that counts. With relaxation and good techniques, depths will come naturally”

Tempted by the Adventure?

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More information about the Freediving Academy https://www.ousiafreediving.com/

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